Rules and Regulations

In being permitted the use of Concord School District, Facilities Department, I understand and agree to abide by the following regulations:

1. Building Codes and Fire Regulations shall be enforced at all times.

2. Adequate supervision is required and shall be the responsibility of the renter.

3. An application for a facility use permit and rental agreement shall be completed and signed 3 weeks prior to the event. Events over 100 shall be submitted 6 weeks in advance.

4. Certificate(s) of insurance naming the Concord School District as “additional insured”, tax-exemption certification (if applicable), rental reserve, and any other required documentation for rental shall be received in advance of the rental date(s).

5. Payment: 50% reserve to secure your rental space and the balance in full due at least one week prior the date of use unless prior arrangements for invoicing have been made.

6. A late charge of 1% per month for rental payments delinquent for over 30 days shall be assessed.

7. Cancellation less than 24 hours before use shall result in the rental fee being charged.

8. Smoking in any school building and school grounds are expressly prohibited. Renter must enforce this regulation without exception.

9. Consumption or having any alcoholic beverages in possession is expressly prohibited on all school property. Renter must enforce this regulation without exception.

10. Only those facilities or equipment specifically designated for use in the permit shall be authorized.

11. Tickets or admission shall not be sold unless expressly requested and permitted at the time of application.

12. Attendance or admission shall not exceed the approved capacity of the facility rented.

13. Food or beverages are not permitted in any room unless permitted in advance.

14. Any damage or harm to school facilities or property shall be the responsibility of the renter. The renter agrees to “Hold Harmless” the Concord School District in the event of damage, destruction, theft or other loss of facilities and/or equipment.

15. Any additional costs incurred by the Concord School District in connection with this rental activity including custodial work or damages shall be paid by the renter. Rental could be subject to an energy surcharge depending on market conditions during heating/cooling seasons.

16. All use of school facilities is subject to the school having first priority. No outside use shall interfere with any classes or co-curricular activity.

17. Sub-renting or rental permit assignment is prohibited.

18. Information requested on the permit and application shall be truthful and accurate.

19. All custodial fees are based on information provided by renter/ organization. These costs are estimated based on the size of the function and participants. Additional time incurred will be invoiced following the event if warranted.

NOTE: All Insurance certificates, tax-exempt certificates, waiver requests, and any other documentation requested should be attached and filed with this Permit & Rental Agreement at the school of origin.